Lead India Today (LIT) is an Indian youth-led movement for social change that culminated into a non-profit organization that aims to inspire, mobilize and empower youth, academics and business leaders to work together beyond socio-economic barriers and lead community development efforts

from grassroots level. LIT provides a platform (through its Community Development Centers (CDCs)) for individuals to work in teams of exceptional people to ideate, develop and implement unique community development projects that improve their own potential as they are placed at the center of the process of impacting tangible change. Guided my educators and supported by business leaders, our LIT Delegates embrace Citizen-Engagement and take the best approach possible to empower locals tackle their own challenges.

We also work towards reducing educational inequity by converting shelters to Community Learning Centers (CLCs) and thus ensuring that every child attains self-actualization through good-quality education. Our work revolutionizes the lives of the people we serve, and in turn, the LIT Ambassadors & Delegates as they develop themselves into more efficient leaders and agents of change.

At LIT, we are aware of the ‘Probability of Life’ and we have great respect for how fortunate we are to have a life as we do today. Now, as our nation faces one of its biggest challenges, we aim to help harness the greatest opportunity. Through our initiatives, we shall ensure that every citizen gets engaged in the nation’s development efforts from the grass-root level. Thus, LIT aims at creating a generation where all citizens exercise leadership, be socially engaged and responsible to impact positive change.