Lead India Today (LIT) has its origins to a group of students in Pune who successfully implemented a string of community development projects, constituting laying fire-lines in forests, recycling & developing reusable products & teaching English to children in slums to impact change from grassroots level.

They initially worked in conjunction with several local organizations such as the Maharashtrian Foundation for Deaf and Dum and helped further their cause.

In an attempt to build a sustainable model, our youthful team met business leaders and academics to discuss the existing development challenges faced by our country and the pressing need for the establishment of a Non-Profit organization to lead community development efforts from grassroots level that involved engagement of common citizens, especially the nation’s youth as they constituted majority of the country’s population.

Subsequently, over a 5-week long course designed by the World Bank, LIT’s structure was formally designed and we successfully ran pilot community-development projects with several youth volunteers to test the feasibility of the idea. Our model was so impressive that it scored a 38/40 in the peer-reviewed assessment of the World Bank’s course, with an overall distinction. Hence, Lead Change Today was formally established. Lead Change Today is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire, mobilize and empower youth to work together beyond socio-economic barriers and lead community development efforts from grassroots level.

Lead India Today (LIT), a project of Lead Change Today, is a nationwide movement of visionary youth, academics and business leaders. LIT volunteers commit their efforts to inspire, ideate and implement community development projects after identifying local problems, while working in conjunction with local Municipalities and stakeholders.

In August 2014, LIT volunteers first commenced their community development efforts in Pune. In the subsequent year, our LIT volunteers spread to cities of Mumbai, Kochi and New Delhi.