Education & Leadership

It is important for citizens to have the capacity to address their own challenges. Accordingly, we provide LIT volunteers with leadership training modules through our Community Development Centers (CDCs) that immerses them in cutting-edge leadership frameworks, such as adaptive & servant leadership, human-centered design and project management, which they apply as they ideate solutions and address real community challenges. Additionally, we supplement government-run shelter homes and other LIT Community Learning Centers (CLCs) by imparting better quality education through our LIT Ambassadors.

Community Development Projects

We offer LIT delegates the opportunity to practice real leadership by mobilizing their communities to design and implement community development projects. These projects serve as a learning tool for our delegates as they figure out ways to make an impact. At the same time, the projects move communities forward in addressing their own challenges.


One Day. One Time. One Impact. LIT Campaigns are shorter-commitment initiatives by our delegates to address problems at their early stages. Delegates mobilize their community for a single day event that enables them to test the waters for a future potentially full-fledged community development program as they are exposed to the attitudes and values of their communities.

Virtual Internships

Our Virtual Internships serve as a flexible nationwide platform aimed at lighting the social consciousness of the citizens, especially youth, while providing them with opportunities to enhance their leadership skills. LIT delegates engage in our leadership courses through digital media and the internship shall culminate with the implementation of a project that shall solve an indigenous community problem.