Virtual Internships

Our Virtual Internships serve as a flexible nation-wide platform aimed at lighting the social consciousness of the citizens, while providing them with opportunities to enhance their leadership skills. LIT volunteers engage in our leadership course through digital media and the internship shall culminate with the implementation of a project that shall solve an indigenous community problem.

Material is provided ‘virtually’ through various interactive media, along with pragmatic stage-wise cumulative assignments that would enable you to identify problems, create alternative mechanisms to redress the problem and test for the feasibility & sustainability of the solution to tackle the problem. The evaluation criteria shall be multi-dimensional including, but not limited to, appraisal of the problems identified, mechanism of solution delivery and quantification of tangible impact. The project shall be complemented by presentations via the creation of ‘digital artifacts’ that would help you market your work publicly, especially under LIT banner.

How to submit your work?

We explain here what we mean by ‘Project Design’ and ‘Digital Artifact’ and the way you may market your work during your virtual internship and benefit from LIT’s pan-India reach to create your own virtual presence on the internet!

Project Design Digital Artifact