Kamgaar Putla Basti Project Promoting eco-friendly stoves to reduce respiratory disorders & encourage environmental protection


Rural India faces a serious problem with regards to household fuel. Almost 70% of the households burn biomass for their day to day livelihood. Biomass has a burning efficiency of 20-30% and rest of it leaves behind particulate matter and is a serious hazard that contributes towards global warming, and thus climate change.


Envirofit is a US based organization which serves provides clean cooking solutions for developing countries. Envirofit stove is one of their product. The stoves are high efficiency burning stoves, with burning efficiency of wood raised up to 70-75%. Also, the burning process doesn’t leave any residual particulate matter because of its unique design.


The stoves are provided by the company through their consultants, we got in touch with Mr. Vijay Lamate with an attempt to create awareness at Kamgaar putla basti (a slum dwelling in Pune, Maharashtra).We conducted a survey and after that demonstrated the working of Envirofit stove to the people living there and they found it useful. The cost of the stove was said to be INR 2300 but we negotiated it to the price of INR 1700 per unit.

Measurable outcomes:-

After negotiating the price down to INR 1700, we also made installments available for women.Many cases of respiratory disorders shall be reduced or prevented when households start using these stoves as they reduce harmful residuals released as part of the burning process. We also created awareness about the diseases caused by burning of wood. Lastly, the stove is cost saving because less amount of wood will be burned.