Patil Estate Slum: English Teaching Project


Our research team tried to understand the factors responsible for poor academic performance of slum children to develop a performance-improvement intervention that could sustainably benefit their academic goals. A 200-household survey was conducted at the Patil Estate Area for understanding the endogenous variables involved.


Our statistics clearly showed that the poor academic performance amongst slum children had more to do with their inability to cope with basic English Grammar rules than with a lack of intelligence. We realized that if this educational deficit was catered to then the students would be better positioned to tackle not only educational with several other obstacles in their lives.

Hence, we came up with a weekend program to meliorate underprivileged students’ basic English grammar rules. The books followed were the same that are used for their school purposes, but we taught them from the very basic so as to clear any doubts that they face and would otherwise have not been catered to.


We rented out a local office for our teaching purposes and all the households surveyed we contacted. A preliminary English assessment test was held to assess the current English proficiency level of more than 60 slum students. A total of 12 LIT Ambassadors are currently involved in teaching the students there and we hope to continue this initiative sustainably.

LIT volunteers involved:-

  • Sujit Ahire
  • Shubham sanjay jakate
  • Vivek karpe
  • Priyanka Damke
  • Lakshmi kulkarni
  • Supriya Mane
  • Gautami Gosavi
  • Ankit Patel
  • Vikas Rana
  • Shoeb Sayed
  • Kartik Jain
  • Ahmed shaikh