Project Le’ Benelova: Supporting self-subsistence efforts of the underpriveledged


Our LIT Delegates were aware of extant of various NGOs operating for the welfare of Deaf and Dum. One of these, the “Maharashtrian Foundation for Deaf and Dum” located in Undri, Pune had students who had a special talent for art. After interviewing the relevant authorities it was identified that we could potentially partner with them to support their efforts of creating handicraft products for their self-subsistence. An improved medium of marketing their products could lead to an improved stream of cash-flows for them.


To begin with, we initiated a LIT campaign for recycling paper, wherein we bifurcated waste into paper waste and non-paper waste. The same served as source for the paper needed to be recycled. After we recycled the paper, we decided to work in collaboration with the “Maharashtrian Foundation for Deaf and Dum” to convert the recycled paper into greeting cards. We then considered appropriate marketing strategies to sell the greeting cards.


We considered the onset of the festival Diwali as a good opportunity to spread awareness regarding reducing environmental pollution. Accordingly, we dedicated the greeting cards to the theme of ‘Cracker-free’ Diwali. Upon completion of the greeting cards, we sold the same at a stall we set up at Ishanya Mall, Pune. Our efforts fetched us big financial dividends, which were in turn used to purchase educational and art-related material for the girls at the ‘Maharashtrian Foundation for Deaf and Dum’. Hence, by enabling them expand their scope we meliorated their financial sustainability.